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Thanks for stopping by! I created this website to share photos of my artwork, crafts, my rhyming lines, my cats and any other thing I can think of.


Hopefully, some bit or piece of stuff will lighten or brighten your day.

I AM Linda B.

I'm a young, energetic, creative Child of God (that makes me a cog!) who wishes to share with you bits and pieces of life and experience with the hope of lightening your day.

Spiritual growth is my main focus, with respect and responsibility coming in a close second and third. My life is full of wonder and excitement and variety!(Thanks Dad)

I love to learn so I'm a good follower… if someone is going my way. However, if no one is inclined to lead I am comfortable and capable of picking up the reins and being a leader. I am blessed and want to be a blessing so I'm a really good helper. I love to teach if you're interested in what I have to offer. I'm a teacher not a preacher, although sometimes it doesn't sound like it.

I do massage therapy for a living and I teach a weekly class on self-health and self-awareness. I conduct workshops in these particular areas including self-massage. All can be healthy. Balance is the key.

I am a creator, an artist and a crafter. My form of recycling is taking other peoples trash and making it into some new, attractive and useful thing. I write stuff...poems, songs, stories and such. I build things and invent things. The imagination is an amazing thing!!

I'm a mother and a daughter, a sister and a wife. I feel the fatherhood of God, the motherhood of earth and the brotherhood of man.

I know that you are me and we are LOVE.

Come on in!

We're glad you came

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